Personal Development Seminars

Learn concepts, skills, and techniques that will help you to deal with change, stress, and other obstacles to success.

Employers are looking for the "full package". They want employees with not only good basic skill and occupational skills, they want individuals who can work as a team, deal with change, have a good attitude and take personal responsibility for making a difference.

How do you learn these skills? One way is to schedule an appointment for a personal development seminar offered by your Workforce Center. These seminars are offered based upon interest, so sign up today!

You will learn how your thought process impacts the results you obtain - whether it is in your personal and family life or on the job. The seminar is a fun two days spent with others who are trying to improve their lives. Not only will you learn new skills, you will receive a workbook and cassette tapes to keep that will help you remember everything you learned.