Computer Based Training

Learn Windows, word processing, and other basic computer skills.

The Workforce Centers are equipped with computers that can be used to help you enhance your basic skills while you work at your own pace. You will be able to find out what skill levels local employers need and match your skill levels with their needs. If you fall a little short, you can work on your own to increase your skill levels. The Computer Learning Works employability skills program is also available to help you learn about the kinds of things employers want you to know before you come to work - how to apply for a job, interviewing skills, showing up for work on time and when you are supposed to be there, managing your paycheck, working with others and a variety of other skills.

You can access this training and other computer based training at the Workforce Center.

In addition to training provided at the Center, check out these links for other computer based training opportunities. Some of this training is at no cost, and other training is quite expensive!