Case Management

Specialists will counsel, assist, and follow you on your road to success.

Case management involves working closely with someone who can help you to stay on track with your plan. Once you and your Case Coordinator develop your employment plan, you will spend time together as you follow the steps of the plan. You will work together to be sure that you are reaching your objectives. If you have any problems along the way, you and your Case Coordinator can discuss other options or work to solve the problems if possible.

Your Case Coordinator has a special interest in helping you to be successful. The Coordinator will work with other agencies and organizations where necessary to help you address any issues that stand in your way.

You will likely be assigned a Case Coordinator and be enrolled into case management if you are going to be in training or receiving more intensive assistance. If you would like the added help that case management can provide, be sure and talk with a Case Coordinator at the Workforce Center.