Local Training Provider Listing

Current listing of Eligible Local Training Providers is maintained.

The workforce investment system established under WIA emphasizes informed customer choice, system performance, and continuous improvement. The eligible provider process is part of the strategy for achieving these goals. Local Boards, in partnership with the State, identify training providers and programs whose performance qualifies them to receive WIA funds to train adults and dislocated workers. In order to maximize customer choice and assure that all significant population groups are served, States and local areas administer the eligible provider process in a manner to assure that significant numbers of competent providers, offering a wide variety of training programs and occupational choices, are available to customers. After receiving core and intensive services and in consultation with case managers, eligible participants who need training use the list of these eligible providers to make an informed choice. The ability of providers to successfully perform, the procedures the State and our Local Board use to establish eligibility, and the degree to which information, including performance information, on those providers is made available to customers eligible for training services, are key factors affecting the successful implementation of the statewide workforce investment system.

The state certified eligible training provider list for eastern Arkansas can be found at the Arkansas Consumer Report System website at: